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Laser Hair Removal Near Me

As much as we would like we cannot stop growing hair. The more affordable device to get rid of these unwanted (and unsexy) hairs would be one of those disposable shavers and/or waxing, but I don’t always get consistent results.  For the best results, I go to a professional salon for laser hair removal near me. Visit this list of local laser hair removal near me salons.

Best Epilator Reviews

Don’t we all sometimes wish that specific parts of our bodies would just stop growing hair? It’s really a big chore to be as flawless as you’d like to be, especially if you have such thick natural hair as I do. The more affordable device to get rid of these unwanted (and unsexy) hairs would be one of those disposable shavers and/or waxing, but these two methods are really stressful for me, since they are usually not as effective and efficient as I’d like them to be.

I was never really smooth after shaving with blade, and waxing was just too much pain than I could bear, but with the best epilator these problems are of the past.  If you’re still wondering what is an epilator, well read our best epilator reviews.

New! Braun Silk-Epil 9 Epilator – Read Our Review of this and other great products here.

Braun Silk Epil 9

Top Epilator Reviews hair removal

Braun Silk Epil 7

Emjoi AP-18

Philips HP6576 Satin

Top Epilator Reviews hair removal

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Thankfully, epilators have been invented. This is by far my favourite way of removing unwanted hair from my body, leaving my legs and arms feeling silky smooth. If you haven’t tried using one, then I deeply urge you to start today, and I bet you’d be bidding your blades and waxing tapes goodbye soon enough.

This article would be your introduction to the different types of epilators and even specific models you can choose from when buying your very own epilator. Make sure you refer to this article every time you need help in the epilator department of your personal care!  And remember to read this guide on how to use an epilator.

Comparison – Best Epilator Reviews

EpilatorBuy on AmazonCordlessTweezersRatingReview
Buy Braun Silk Epil 7Yes404.8 StarsRead Our Review
Buy Emjoi AP-18 EpilatorYes724.9 StarsRead Our Review
Philips HP6576 Satin Perfect frontviewBuy Philips HP6576 SatinYes724.8 StarsRead Our Review
Buy Braun Silk-Epil 9 Epilator YesMicroGrip 404.9 StarsRead Our Review

Enough said about the wonders of epilators and how great an invention it has been for women of the world. With all its glory, we still have a lot to consider when choosing a specific epilator. Since we are going to use these in close proximity to our skin, we have to make sure we are getting a model/unit that cares for us as much as we care for ourselves.

So today, we are going to help you by providing guidelines on the considerations you must at all times remember so you can land the epilator that meets your needs. Read our articles on the best epilator reviews today!

How to choose the Best Epilators for you

While there are epilators perfect to use for when you are in the shower (wet epilators) and some that are best used dry, I think you would find it really convenient to get ones that are wet and dry – those you can use for either environment. These ones are best for travellers and backpackers since it makes the hair removal process a small and insignificant chore that you can perform virtually anywhere you are. You know how our moods change! We need the best epilator which can adapt very well.

This is one of the smaller considerations when choosing the perfect epilator, as I have used both: fewer tweezers and more. See, there are ones that only have 21 tweezers, while some optimize as much as 80 tweezers, and personally I have used really good ones that only have a few tweezers, even though our natural instinct is to get one with more tweezers, thinking that somehow they would be much more effective. That is not always the case, and so you must focus instead on the mechanism of the tweezers, instead of their number. Be sure to get the best epilator for women.

  • Personally, I prefer battery operated epilators over corded ones since there are stores everywhere you go, but it is not always the case that you can have access to power sources and sockets. That is just me, though. Some friends of mine prefer the corded ones since they hate how battery-operated ones force you to spend again and again every time you run out of batteries. I found a loophole in that scenario though: I get battery-operated epilators and batteries that are rechargeable. I would never run out of power sources this way!

You’d be surprised to find out that there are a lot of different types of epilators and that some of them actually specialize in a specific body part. However, most of these epilators are only good for flat surfaces, which may be terrible for the nooks of our bodies. It’s good for shaving legs and arms, but for down there, you might need a special one. Make sure you are clear about the body area you would be using your epilator on, so you could avoid unnecessary injuries and skin tears! Ask your salesperson for help on this one, we have a guide for the best facial epilator’s guide, if you are interested.

Finally, of course we still have to be practical and economical in everything we use. Sure, we wouldn’t want to compromise on the quality, but if there is an option between two epilators that gives the same quality in hair removal, then we should always choose the cheaper one. This consideration for me is the one that takes up most time because canvassing for price in relation to the quality of the product is truly a chore. Luckily, there are hints provided in the following segments that might give you a clue about this stuff.

When it comes to purchasing the top epilator be sure to only buy from the following brands: Braun epilators, Emjoi epilators,Panasonic epilators, Philips epilators and Remington epilators. These brands are tried and trusted by our chicks.

Benefits of using the Best Epilator

There are well other ways to remove hair, and you might actually have a favourite method before you encountered epilators in this article. So if you are really hesitant to join in the craze that features epilators, then you should read the following so you can have an idea about what makes epilating the best method of removing hair. Read up on the following bullet points and see for yourself why me and my girlfriends prefer the epilation method over any other method of removing hair in any part of our bodies, even with the best at home wax, we still recommend epilating and this is why:

epilator-bullet-points  Convenience – Us divas love going to the salon for waxing, manicures and getting a new set of lash extensions, but when I took up the habit of travelling every so often, I found those excesses since they are not always accessible in the places I travel to, and it’s hard to get what you exactly want from ‘specialists’ who have never served you before. Epilators, however, allow me to be in total control of shaving away the hair, without the worry of anybody else touching me. It’s like having my mini waxing center anywhere I go just as long as I have my ever so reliable epilator in my travel luggage. Read our article on epilator vs waxing what is best for you.

epilator-bullet-points  Quick Results – As for waxing centers, you need appointments and when you are not able to do that, you’d have to wait a huge deal of time just to get flawless. With shaving too – it takes way too many strokes and way too many small cuts just to get the kind of flawless we all want. With waxing, you need a few minutes interval after each pull to recover. These are the things you would be spared of when you actually go with the epilation period. It is quick and easy, especially for cordless epilator that you can really bring with you anywhere.

epilator-bullet-points  Slow growth rate – Since most of these epilators remove from the root, you can stay flawless for a full month after every epilation process especially when you use one of those that also prevent ingrown hair from cropping up. This efficiency in terms of slower growth rate cannot be matched by when you use disposable blades and/or wax, and who wouldn’t want fewer hair removal sessions, right? Well, that is exactly what you would enjoy if you invest in your very own epilator today. With epilators, truly, less is more.

epilator-bullet-points  Safe on skin – It is very unlikely for you to get cut with epilators the way that is very likely to happen when you use blades. Also, you would be spared from having to endure the pain and possible allergic reactions your skin might have when using wax and waxing paper. You are safest with epilators since most of these newer models also feature technologies that make their units safer and more hygienic. Personally, I have never experienced injuries or unwanted build-ups on my skin for all the years that I have been using epilators. I’m sure you’d be just as satisfied! Read our guide how to epilate to get a smooth feel when epilating.

epilator-bullet-points  Save money – Even though most of these units are expensive, you’d still be saving a huge deal of money with this once and all-in investment as compared to what you would spend with every session you would have at the waxing center, or for all the disposable blades you’d have to replace over and over again, and most especially for all the wax and waxing paper that would cost you a fortune. If all goes well, you’d need only buy an epilator once, and you’d be good to go for months without having to spend for hair removal after the first investment.

So in conclusion, I firmly stand that epilators provide the best hair removal experience over other methods at home, and every woman in the world should at least try the epilating method at least once so they can experience the flawless that only epilating provides. For your first investment, simply refer to the best epilator reviews provided above, and just be the one to choose which one describes what you want and what you need with your hair removal device.

Laser Hair Removal

If epilating and waxing is not for you we recommend you have a read of electrolysis vs laser hair removal as well as the most recent article on laser hair removal facts.

Make sure you also keep in mind the considerations we mapped out for you – they make the hard decisions a ton easier! A more in-depth guide for epilator pros and cons can be read.

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