shutterstock_184391675Viva Brasil!  Brazilian style grooming is very popular all over the world, especially during bikini season.  Every woman wants to look their best in bikini and avoid any embarrassing hairs sticking out.  Getting a Brazilian wax is certainly one way to do it, but this may not be for everyone. Some women are embarrassed to go to a salon.  There are several other options to get rid of facial and body hair, such as razor and waxing. But something as sharp as a razor can certainly leave marks, which is why it is much better to go for an epilator. If you are reading this, chances are you are looking for the best epilator for Brazilian style grooming.  But then again, how do we determine the one that is best for us? Here are a few suggestions for you to choose from.

1. Braun Silk-épil 9 Wet & Dry Cordless Electric Epilator, Shaver, and Bikini Trimmer

This is the latest and greatest from Braun, the Epil 9, and we love this one. Some of the Pros: The Braun Silk Epil 9 is similar to the Epil 7, which is one of our long-timefavorites. The Epil 9 incorporates the many great features we’ve come to expect, the stylish and ergonomic design, and the close-grip tweezers that work like a charm. It can be used in the shower, wet or dry, and comes with some convenient attachments.

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Some of the Cons are: Being cordless is a huge convenience, but be sure you charge it up the night before so you don’t run out of battery while in the shower, awkward! If price is an issue for you, check out some of the other alternatives we’ve reviewed.

2. Braun SE7681 Silk-épil 7 Wet and Dry Epilator

This is one of the most revered dry & wet epilators that is available in the market. It is designed specifically to be used during shower or bath, so that you can get a gentler feel of the portion of your skin where you have used it. This model comes with 40 tweezers for a better grip, so that even the shortest hairs can be plucked from your skin.

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Braun SE7681 Silk Epil 7 can be used even for a 0.5mm hair and will leave your skin in best shape for almost four weeks. The package also includes 5 additional attachments such as trimmer cap, sensitive area cap, shaver head, facial cap and an efficiency cap. All the components of the epilator have been specifically designed to ensure the best results in all the areas of your body. Furthermore, you do not have to face any hassles with cords, since this model works without any cord.  Check out our full review here!

3. Emjoi AP-18 Epilator

Emjoi AP-18 Emagine comes with an exclusively featured Glide Technology that allows smoother removal of facial and body hairs without harming the skin. Equipped with a total of 72 tweezers, this epilator works faster than the Braun se7681 and is relatively much more comfortable. Furthermore, this might be the first and only epilator in the market that comes equipped with Silver Ion Technology.

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The Dual Opposed Staggered Heads are a new added feature to this epilator that allow smoother plucking of hairs. In addition to that, there is a separate section of the epilator that is used to pluck out short or flat hairs from any part of the body. This model is amongst the higher range ones that are relatively more efficient and effective towards any type or length of body hair. You can use it with the cord or you can use it cordless depending on whether it has sufficient battery or not.  Check out our full review here!

4. Philips HP6576 Satin Perfect Deluxe Epilator

If you want the best, then this is what you must consider. There are lots of epilators that do not come with hypo-allergenic discs for removal of body and facial hair, but this one does. Furthermore, this epilator has a unique texture over the ceramic discs. It does not matter whether the length of your facial hair is immensely small as this model will certainly remove hair from the root without hurting your skin. The most tedious part of hair removal process is to remove flat hairs.

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This model Philips HP6576 is embedded with an Active hair-lifter that vibrates and helps in removing the finest of flat hairs. In addition to that, there is an active massage system which soothes and simulates the skin after unwanted hair has been plucked out. There are style, shave and trim attachments that will come with the package for better results and the head of the epilator can be washed. Check out our full review here!

5. Remington Smooth and Silky Full Size Epilator

You can change the speed of Remington Epilator as per your convenience. If you are trying to remove flat or small hairs, then you can go for a normal speed whereas for relatively longer hair, you can switch to faster mode. The epilation head has been designed in a curvaceous manner in order to impart a better level of comfort.

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Also, this model comes with 42 tweezers in order to quicken the process of hair removal or epilation. One of the downsides regarding this product lies in its inability to be used without cord. Thus, you will have to plug the power cord in order to use it, but that certainly does not hinder the efficiency of the epilator. This product comes with a cleaning brush along with a protective cap and carries a manufacturer’s warranty for up to two years. So if you are looking for faster epilators, this is certainly one of them.  Check out our full review here!

6. Braun se5280 Silk-Epil 5

Braun se5280 Silk Epil 5 is one of the highly recommended epilators available in the market. You will need to put the epilator into charging mode in order to be able to use it. Braun epilators are embedded with Comfort System that consists of a few massage rollers which operate on high frequency and an additional cooling glove has also been provided to smoothen the skin after the process of epilation.

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You can set the speed as per your own convenience and there is a smart-light that will help you in detecting any hair that you might miss out. This model also comes with three additional attachments which include a trimmer cap, an efficiency cap and a head shaver. The epilator is equipped to remove the finest of hairs up to 0.5mm that is equivalent to a grain of sand. The skin stays smooth up to at least four weeks after the epilation procedure.

7. Panasonic ES-ED90-P

This model comes with a 60-degree head angle that allows better shaving experience. Furthermore, the side-by-side head glides for better efficiency and a total of 48 tweezers rotate and remove unwanted hair from the body and face. For better and safer shaving, a hypo-allergenic nickel-free blade is attached to the epilator that benefits sensitive skin.

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This epilator can be used in both dry and wet conditions since it does not require a cord to function. Hence, it is considered as 100% waterproof and users are recommended to use foam or shaving gel for better epilation experience. There is an additional attachment that consists of 6 different attachments namely epilation gentle cap, epilation beginner cap, epilation head, shaver head, foot care head and bikini cap.  Check out our other review of the Panasonic wet-dry epilator here!