best nose trimmer

Best Nose Trimmer

A few years back, I’ve begun to notice some nose hairs protruding from my nostrils, and I must say they looked really embarrassing. Back then, I searched online for what could be the best nose hair trimmer, but I just got rewarded with a couple of blog posts that are obviously biased and not helpful at all. This is not what it would be. The tips and recommendations that would follow are all tried, tested, and guaranteed by yours truly, as I only want to share my experience in terms of trimming unsightly and over long nose hair. Let us look into the best nose hair trimmer of 2015.

How to choose the best nose hair trimmer?

These are the basic things you should be considering when looking for the best nose hair trimmer:

  • Hair removal system: It may take you a few tries before you find a hair removal system that suits you the best, but I think vacuum system is definitely worth a try! For me, it is the best.
  • Cleaning and Maintenance: Make sure your nose hair trimmer has an easy maintenance system so that you can easily keep it in top and safe shape.
  • Price: Do not fall into the trap of overpriced goods! But also, do not settle for anything less than the best!

Recommended nose hair trimmers

Panasonic ER-GN25VP Ladies Discrete Hair Trimmer

Panasonic ER-GN25VP Ladies Discrete Hair Trimmer

You just have to commend the design of the Panasonic ER-GN25VP Ladies Discrete Hair Trimmer! At first look, you’d never guess it is actually a nose hair trimmer! However, it is more than just sleek designs and discreet facades – the Panasonic ER-GN25VP is actually a very efficient hair trimmer! It features a dual-edged blade with a skin guard.

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These features work together to ensure that you get the efficient trim you have without the unnecessary pain and possible injuries from letting the blade get too close to the surface of your skin. Furthermore, I really love how this one is easy to pack because of its slim and very elegant design which is also responsible for making the Panasonic ER-GN25VP a nose trimmer that is easy to handle and control. This has to be one of the best nose hair trimmer in the market.

KIYA Stainless Steel Ear, Nose Hair Trimming Scissor

KIYA Stainless Steel Ear

I love the KIYA Stainless Hair Trimmer Scissor because even though the blades are really sharp and effective in removing hair, there is little to no risk of you ever wounding the insides of your nose because the tips of this trimming scissor are rounded, and the body itself is curved. This means the KIYA Stainless Scissor has a very ergonomic grip, and I can guarantee that it feels absolutely right and light on one’s hand.

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The unit is Italian made and sports a very high Japanese standard on the way it functions! Maintenance is also a piece of cake for this KIYA trimming scissor because it is provided with patented Microfiber Cleaning Cloths that keep your trimming scissor clean, without rust, and in effect, safe and harmless.

Wahl 5546-200 Ear, Nose and Brow Trimmer

Wahl 5546-200

Now, if budget is not a problem, the Wahl 5546-200 Deluxe is the best trimmer you can get for yourself. It is a truly convenient experience to work this trimmer, because it has all sorts of features and attachments that could really help you out, like the mini-spotlight that allows you to see clearly the area you are working on, keeping you from missing a single strand of unwanted hair.

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I also love how it can be operated in and out of the shower and how easily you can dispel the hairs that might be stuck on to the trimmer. Finally, I believe the selling point of the Wahl 5546-200 especially on us ladies is its attachment for perfect and heavily guided eyebrow grooming!

Andis Cordless Personal Trimmer

Andis Cordless Personal Trimmer

I do believe that the Andis Cordless Trimmer set has the edge when it comes to maintenance and longevity because of its stainless steel blades that could never go rusty. It can also be simply rinsed clean after a couple of uses. We’ve had one in our home for years, and the whole family seems to love it.

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I guess it is because the set removes hair closely and evenly, but it is definitely safer than using scissors. I also love how it comes with this protective cap that keeps the blade safely tucked in, just in case you need to bring it with you when you go out of town or even out of the country. This is the last best nose trimmer that we recommend and that’s a wrap! Hopefully you have found the nose trimmer for you!

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