Epilator Reviews Archive

Best Epilators of 2016

While it is true that we consider epilating the best hair removal technique out there, we must also recognize that the process is only as […]

Braun Silk-Epil 9 Epilator Review

Trending currently is a big list of hair removal skin cleansing handy devices, making home makers or office goers, basically most of us, get things […]

no!no! Hair Removal Device Review

I’m sure you’ve heard about the .  Based on popular demand, here’s a no!no hair removal device review for you.  Also, be sure to read […]

Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator

Wow. Just wow. I needed three full minutes to marvel at how deluxe this product would be. I mean, what can get more luxurious than […]

Epilator for Men

Whoever said that epilation is only for women? I know this to be false, because the men in my family epilate just as often as […]

Top 5 Remington Epilator Reviews

Remington is a favorite brand among my family, and it is primarily because the brand has a lot of products that are primarily made for […]

The Best Multi-Purpose Epilators

Epilation is not an easy ordeal, but I have grown to accept that it is an inevitable part of growing up as a girl with […]

Top 5 Philips Epilator Reviews

Philips is not a personal favorite of mine, but I have been getting a lot of requests to compare different Philips epilator brands to see […]

Epilator Pros and Cons

Personally, epilation is my personal preference when it comes to hair removal methods. I am not sure if you’d love it as much as I […]

Top 5 Emjoi Epilator Reviews

Emjoi has been a trusted household name when it comes to gadgets that deal especially personal care such as epilators. Personally, I have tried a […]
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