Epilator Pros and Cons

Epilator Pros and Cons

Personally, epilation is my personal preference when it comes to hair removal methods. I am not sure if you’d love it as much as I do, though, but I’ll try to be as objective as I can. If you are looking to invest in an epilator, then you must take into account the following advantages and disadvantages that you would have to deal with once you get an epilator for yourself. I will also be recommending some of the best epilators I have tried after I’ve outlined the epilator pros and cons.

Epilator Pros:

epilator-bullet-pointsEpilation, next to permanent laser treatment, is the hair removal method that leaves the longest lasting result. On average, one epilation session yields results that last for 4-6 weeks. This is because hair is completely uprooted instead of just cut off from the surface.

epilator-bullet-pointsWhen you epilate, hair grows back finer. This means that the longer you use epilators, the less frequent you have to use them!

epilator-bullet-pointsA good epilator model can give you just about anything you need. Invest in one that has a number of good attachments and you never have to buy any other hair removal products again!

Epilator Cons

epilator-bullet-pointsIt is one of the most painful hair removal methods out there but this is just because the hair is uprooted instead of superficially cut off.

epilator-bullet-pointsIt can be hard to get the hang of epilation, so the first few sessions may not be as flawless as you want it to be. You’ll get there pretty soon, though!

epilator-bullet-pointsSince epilation can be painful, it’s not something I would recommend you to do before you leave the house. Especially for people with sensitive skin, you are limited to doing your epilation before you sleep; this can help with the recovery.

Epilators we recommend

Philips HP6401 Satinelle Epilator

Philips Satinelle Epilator

I will just cut the chase and tell you what makes the Philips santinelle epilator unique: its efficiency cap. Believe it or not, this is actually a rare feature among epilators, although I am not sure why. Most people would benefit greatly for this, since an efficiency cap ensures that your epilation session will be gentle and yet still effective! It is particularly of great help for ones born with sensitive skin since it helps you work on sensitive and delicate areas of your skin without having to worry about nicks and cuts!

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I would also recommend this for first-timers because this Satinelle epilator from Philips features two speed settings that allow newbies to take the time to get the hang of epilation. First-timers make sure you use the slower speed setting for your first few sessions so you can avoid hurting yourself!

Braun SE7681 Silk epil 7

Braun SE7681 Silk-épil 7

At first, I was skeptical about investing in this Braun epilator, but I’ve heard too many good reviews so I just went ahead and purchased it. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made! I just love how the Braun SE7681 silk epil 7 works perfectly both in and out of the shower and how it gives gentle but efficient epilation. Also, the traveller in me is very thankful that this powerful hair remover is actually operated cordless, since it is not all the time that I have a direct power source whenever I am travelling.

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I am sure you would also enjoy maximizing the five attachments that comes with the epilator, for they are designed to keep your epilation enjoyable instead of something you dread having to go through. I am ever so thankful for this!

Braun SE5280 Silk epil 5


Braun SE5280 Silk-épil 5The SE5280 is just as efficient as the previous entry in this recommended list, but this one is a bit more affordable. The only difference is that this one from Braun comes with only three but altogether wonderful attachments: a shaver head, a trimmer cap, and an efficiency cap. The reason why I fell in love with this women’s epilator from Braun is because of its Comfort system featuring massage rollers and cooling gloves all designed to make epilation a convenient and comfortable experience instead of something that is just plain painful. The Smartlight in the SE5280 will also help you big time in locating the skin areas where there is a huge volume of unwanted hair, allowing you to work on those parts more.

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Panasonic ES-ED90-P

Panasonic Wet Dry Epilator

Panasonic just has its way to secure an edge over other epilators with this 6-in-1 epilator which includes an epilation head, an epilation beginner cap, a bikini cap, a shaver head, a foot care head, and an epilation gentle cap! These are all designed for any user’s convenience, so you can rest assured that if you do invest in the ES-ED0-P from Panasonic, the investment would sure be worth it because of the stellar epilation quality you can glean from it! I sure enjoyed being treated by 48 rotating tweezers and a nickel-free, hypoallergenic blade that worked in perfect harmony with my ever so sensitive skin that flares up at the slightest touch of nickel. What a nice gift from the epilator gods, this one!

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Emjoi Epi Slim Epilator

Emjoi Epi Slim Epilator full

I’ll be honest with you: I purchased this Emjoi epi slim epilator on a whim, just because I thought it looked so slim and elegant. However, the Emjoi epilator proved that it is more than just a pretty façade. Its motor is obviously very powerful because even though it is very efficient, it doesn’t hurt as much as other epilators do! It is delicate enough to work on the upper lip and underarm area, but it can also be a powerful epilator that takes care of the unwanted hairs along my arms and legs. Also, part of the reason why I immediately fell in love with it is because it’s obviously great for travelling because of its size and handiness. I have been loving this since day one: both pretty and efficient! It also featured on our list of the top 5 Emjoi epilators. And so that a wrap of the epilator pros and cons, hopefully you will decide on the models we have reviewed as one of the epilator for you.

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