Best Epilator for Women

Best Epilator for Women

Want to feel great after epilating?  Let’s face it, using an epilator is not always an easy task;  I know of a few people who are not necessarily newbies when it comes to epilating, but they still have “issues” on occasion.  Some still haven’t quite got the hang of it.  If this sounds like you, I can help a bit today by offering you these simple yet really effective epilator tips:

Invest in an epilator you’ll love

I know that some of these deluxe epilators could get pretty expensive, but if you find one that truly suits your needs then there is no reason for you not to spend on it. Remember, if you are really careful and hygienic about taking care of your epilators, they will work for a long time helping to make you look great where it counts!


I believe that this is the second most important epilator tip I could ever give. Make sure you exfoliate every time before you proceed with the actual epilation. Exfoliation stimulates your outer skin and hair follicles and preps your hair for epilation. Take it from me, this will lessen the sting felt during and after epilation.

Keep your epilation in top hygienic shape

If you can, invest in an epilator that comes with all the equipment necessary to clean them. Personally, I am fond of epilators that have removable heads and those that are fully immersible in water because I think that this is the epitome of cleanliness and hygiene – being able to put something under running water and brushing them to my heart’s content.

Know the pros and cons of corded and cordless units

For a travelling soul like me, I can safely vouch that cordless units are our way to survive epilation while on the road. We do not always have direct power source, and it is much easier to locate as store that sells batteries than it is to score a power socket somewhere far away from home. Different lifestyles have different needs, however, so you have to figure out which one best suits your way of life.  And let’s not forget safety, NEVER EVER use a corded device while in water, you don’t want to get zapped, or worse, while taking a bath!

Do not skip reading manuals

I know, I know, we’re all guilty of overlooking the provided user manuals on just about anything we buy, but some epilators are more complex and you have to learn and take it slow, or else you could end up hurting yourself. I know this, because I’ve received a few nasty ouchies from new epilators I was trying out and did not take the time to learn. Ha ha.

Get an epilator that’s user-friendly

The alternative to reading boring manuals is taking the time to read product reviews in order to find out which epilators are easy to operate. If you can, look for one that has a digital display. Those ones are the easiest to figure out! Also take note that not all epilators are operated the same way, so do not be complacent to switch units just because you’re accustomed to epilating already.

Ladies, please never epilate when you are on your period.

Trust me, I’ve tried this, and I DO NOT what to do that again. Epilation stings as it is, but the extra-sensitive skin we have when on our period can really make it intolerable.