How to get silky smooth skin

Silky smooth skin tips

Believe it or not, simply being exposed to nature and environment takes a huge toll on the health of our skin. May it be extremely low or high temperatures, or even the sun, nature can be nasty in a way that it can actually leave our skins dry, rough, and even inflamed at times. That is why we must one up our skin care and protection as the things around us also get nastier and more damaging on the skin. Let us look into how to get silky smooth skin for you!

How to achieve silky smooth and flawless skin

Start your day by dry brushing your skin

Every morning, get into the habit of dry brushing your skin to make sure that even minimally; you get to exfoliate while also keeping your blood circulation at a perfect pace. This way you can make your skin instantly brighter and more toned, and with continued use you can end up with glowing and beautiful skin.

Elemish provides a soft dry brush because it is made up of natural fibres instead of plastic and synthetic ones. I truly love this Elemish set because it instantly albeit temporarily gets rid of my cellulite and I simply have to brush away on the surface of my skin! It helps greatly with the circulation of blood and lymphs, so not only will it leave you with silky smooth skin, but it is also very good for your health on a deeper level.

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Refrain from hot baths

I know they are just so relaxing and comforting, but they are really bad for the skin since the hot water leaves the skin dry and hard, while cold showers leave you with toned and tight skin, which is more ideal.

Get into the habit if moisturizing your skin!

May it be against the extremely low winter winds or the extremely hot summer sun, moisturizers will be your best protection so your skin can stay smooth and silky despite the effects of such harsh weather conditions?

The Clinique Moisturizing lotion has been my personal moisturizer for years and years, and I have always been satisfied with the way it kept my skin hydrated and therefore silky smooth with a glow. I love it because it Clinique specifically designed this moisturizing lotion to cater to those who have very dry to dry skin. Use on your face and neck area twice every day for best results. We also recommend you read our Best Facial Cleanser 2015 article.

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Now, this is what I use for my body all year round. The OZ Naturals moisturizer is an all-organic formula, which makes it safe to use for all types of skin. I love it because it contains not a drop of alcohol, which is actually a rare feat when it comes to moisturizers.

It contains organic ingredients such as Vitamin C-infused seaweed and algae keratin. These are the ones responsible for keeping our skin’s hydration level to a maximum. Organic sulfer is also one of the key ingredients in the wonderful facial moisturizer from OZ Naturals, because it is responsible for moving toxins out our skins while allowing nutrients to move in.

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Drink 8-12 glasses of water every day

Remember that dehydration manifests on the skin especially on the face! You can’t have silky smooth skin if you are slacking off on your water intake. Make sure you never let your mouth feel parchment dry and simply consume at least 8 oz. of water every hour.

Live healthy!

This advice ranges from choosing the right foods to eat and planning out your daily workout. Just make sure to always choose the healthy options and your good health would surely manifest in form of smooth, silky, and glowing skin from head to toe.

Finally, apply sunscreen EVERY DAY.

Yes, even when you are not off to the beach. Sunscreen provides the skin with essential nutrients that protect us from the damaging rays of the sun, but it does so much more than that. It also keeps the hydration levels of our skin at its peak

The Banana Boat Sport has been my staple sunscreen since time immemorial, and I have no future plans of ever searching for a better one since I am well satisfied as to how this lotion leaves the skin protected from the sun, and still allowing for silky smooth skin without having to cover up when walking under the summer sun! And that’s a wrap, we have covered a the best tips on how you can get silky smooth skin

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