Waxing to remove hair at home is cheaper and faster and less painful than tweezing.

Where possible, you’ll get a better result by using an at home hot wax kit instead of traditional wax with strips. Hot wax is always better but it is much harder to find for purchase and more difficult to apply and remove. DIY, Do It Yourself way, one might not get the same results from waxing as in a parlor with the help of a second person. But that’s fine, once you know the Do’s and Don’ts of it, it is worth giving a try and you knowing your potential to get ahead with it or stop it.

Waxing tips:

Exfoliate: The day before you plan to wax, exfoliate the area to remove dead skin cells and make those short hairs easier to grip.

Make the pick rightly: Whether you go for the microwavable variety or pre-made strips, hard wax or soft, or wax warmers, please make sure you pick a wax that works for you. Veet’s pre-made strips for the legs or Bliss’s Poetic Wax Kit (a hard wax) for the bikini lines, is something that has a good review.

Start with an Anti- inflammatory: To be honest, we’re pulling hairs straight out from the root, even say for waxing eye brows, with hot wax, and sure it is not going to be an experience to sit with legs on top of a cozy chair in front of a movie in an AC hall but this will surely hurt to an extent.  A Brazilian wax for all the pubic hair removal, including the hair around the very sensitive skin of the inner labia, anus, and testicles, choose what suits you the best. Sometimes you might even get a red, sore and swell. Get a head start on the pain with an Advil or two (or three). This is not just to handle the immediate pain, but also to reduce the subsequent redness and tenderness.  Especially if you’re extra sensitive, you can always lather on some numbing cream too.

Powder Up. Wax adheres best to dry, moisture-free skin. So, brush baby powder on the area to soak up any residual moisture.

Let’s check out on a few recommended home waxes:

Gigi Student Starter Kit: At just $41.97, the kit contains: 1 wax warmer with cover (14 ounce), 1 all-purpose honee (14 ounce), 1 pre hon (4 ounce), 1 pre epilation powder (25 ounce), 1 wax off (4 ounce), 1 slow grow (4 ounce), 10 petite applicators, 10 small accu edge applicators, 10 large accu edge applicators, 20 small natural muslin strips, 20 large natural muslin strips. Students will now be able to practice correct waxing techniques using professional grade products. The kit contains everything a student needs to practice and perform a complete waxing service. It takes just half an hour for the whole process and can be used on face, upper lips and eye-brows.

GiGi Facial Hair Removal Honee Wax Kit: Facial waxing is one of the highest profit centers in today’s salon market. The GiGi Facial Honee Kit provides everything needed for facial hair removal. Comes with 1 Wax warmer with cover, 1 Facial Honee 14 oz., 10 Petite Applicators, 10 Sm Accu Edge Applicators , 10 Lg Accu Edge Applicators, 30 Sm Natural Muslin Strips, 30 Lg Natural Muslin Strips, 1 Pre-Hon 2 oz, 1 Slow Grow 2 oz, Post Wax Cooling Gel 2 oz, Post Wax Concealer 2 oz, Post Epilation Lotion 2 oz, 3 rest Bars, 5 Collars 14 oz, 1 Technical Manual. The warmer is compact and the wax is fantastic. It’s a good kit for beginners and it is a customer say that the product includes an instruction dvd.