Ingrown hairs

Ingrown hairs

I know not a soul who doesn’t seek for the best ingrown hair treatment. Well, it can be a hard ordeal finding the best amongst hundreds and hundreds of ingrown hair products and ingrown hair creams available out there. Fortunately, though, I have tried quite a number of those and now I will be happy to share with you my top five bets for the best ingrown hair treatment. Note that I have sensitive skin as many others do, so the products I love are those that are not too strong on the skin. Hope you love these products as much as I do!

Tend Skin the Skin Care Solution

Take note that my preference when it comes to hair removal is epilation. This Tend Skin ingrown hair cream is perfect for that, but my friends who use other hair removal methods report that Tend Skin Care Solution works just as fine for them. So, what Tend Skin does is that it treats bumps and redness that one can get from removing body hair, while reducing ingrown hair as well. What I love about the Tend solution is that there are no preparations needed and there are no limits as to how much and how often you can use it. Whatever your preferred hair removal method is, you can now be guaranteed of a hassle-free post-epilation with this wonderful ingrown solution from Tend.

PFB Vanish Hair-Waxing-Cooling-Gels

The PFB Vanish Gel is a perfect accompaniment to the Tend Skin Solution. This Tend Skin gel may be able to reduce ingrown hairs and also treat bumps and burns, but you need this PFB gel to actually deal with the dark spots caused by such skin irritations. I have always been conscious about keeping an even skin tone, and I was frustrated that hair removal methods usually leave me with uneven tones. That is why I am so happy that I discovered the PFB Vanish cream. It is exactly what color-conscious girls like me wishes to find. It also helps that this cooling gel is affordable since I use quite a generous amount of it every time on my face, neck, underarms, and legs.

Whish Flawless Ingrown Hair Serum

Ingrown hair products can be a bit expensive, but this one sure is worth it. While the Whish serum deals with the discoloration and bumps that you can get from ingrown hair, it also works on weakening your hair follicles, which means that as you use the serum to treat the current effects of ingrown hairs on your skin, it’s also working on a whole deeper level: inhibiting the growth of future ingrown hair. Clinically proven active ingredients are also present in the Whish serum: these ingredients are professionally tested to restore the suppleness of one’s skin through regular use. I really love this product especially because it comes in a package that is easy to bring whenever and wherever. It is a true gem for people like me who are always travelling both for personal and business purposes.

Bodyline Basics Professional Quality Stainless Steel Tweezers

I have worn out a number of tweezers in this lifetime, but this set from Bodyline Basics may simply outlive me. What I love most about this tweezers set is that it is almost a novelty item: everyone in my family has his/her own use for this efficient baby. For me, though, I use it to manually remove ingrown hairs that I got from epilating. I enjoy using these tweezers because they are sharp and obviously strong which makes them very efficient for getting the job done. I also love the packaging in this one – obviously, whoever designed it is a traveler himself/herself because the leather case that houses the tweezers set is just great for travelling. You just have to invest in this one, and never again will you have to buy another pair of tweezers! You deserve a good set of tweezers. This is just perfect, if I may say so myself.

Satin Smooth Res-Q Ingrown Hair Treatment Pads

These treatment pads from Satin Smooth are just perfect relief for irritated skin due to any hair removal method. These Satin Smooth pads are so rare and unique since it features dual side technology: on one side of each pad is soft cotton, while an exfoliating cotton pad is on the other side. This helps loosen hair for extraction. But what I love most about these treatment pads is that they also keep your skin health and beauty in check by restoring the skin’s PH levels and by being rich in antioxidants and calming extracts.