laser hair removalLaser hair removal, a rapid yet gentle way of hair removal is the most trending in the current age. Isn’t it worth we know some facts around it? Walk along.

What is laser hair removal: Laser hair removal is a medical procedure that uses a laser, an intense, light beam pulse to remove unwanted hair. During laser hair removal, a laser beam passes through the skin to an individual hair follicle. The intense heat of the laser gets absorbed by the hair follicle, and it inhibits future hair growth.

Does laser hair removal hurt? The pain if felt, is felt, if not then not, to be straight. Tolerance level of an individual determines if one feels hurt. It gives like a sense of an elastic rubber band hit against the skin or like a tiny pinch. It’s worth mentioning some people are more sensitive than the rest of the crowd and might have to be a little more cautious.

Side effects of laser hair removal: A minor bunch of side effects do sit alongside the laser hair removal:

  • Swelling around the mouth of treated follicles for around three days
  • Pain, tingling or numbness
  • Itching on the treated area
  • Redness on the treated area for around three days after treatment

Laser hair removal risks: Ephemeral effects aren’t much risky but they abscond quickly. Partly eternal effects might require a bigger attention.

  • Reddening of the subjected skin
  • Swelling sometimes
  • Skin blistering at times, due to a higher laser frequency unfitting your skin type. Coolers stand a comrade assist from this risk.
  • Hypo-pigmentation, mainly in those with a darker skin and subject to multiple treatments but this is temporary in most cases.
  • Scarring due to after-injection which could be countered by pulsed hair removal systems
  • Hyper pigmentation, due to a soar in melanin pigmentation following the laser heat, could be helped by safe recommended bleaches.
  • Burns, eye injuries, infections sometimes do require your attention before you take this up

Norlanya Portable IPL Hair Removal & Skin Rejuvenation Machine

We want to see you happy and we have an amazing product you can consider for home-based permanent laser hair removal, that is the Norlanya Portable IPL Hair Removal & Skin Rejuvenation Machine. Why this product?

  • The best latest home based IPL hair removal and skin rejuvenation device since 2014
  • The intense pulsed light technology Sty light removes hair in 10-20 sessions permanently quite painless
  • Safe treatment with temperature control (expect 40-56degrees on your skin)& Skin touch control –
  • Cooling gel is not needed for skin type I & II, burning risk waves a bye at your door
  • Sty light with 1 handle and 2 lamps for both hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatment is one of the best for home use
  • Swift hair removal. For a leg it consumes just 15 minutes only!
  • Pack brings alongside of the Sty light main system, 2 IPL cartridges, a Power cable, Protective glasses, and a Goggle as a gift.


  • Excellent in skin rejuvenation
  • Silkier skin post a great hair walk away
  • Easy to use kit
  • Friendly for men and women
  • Works for face and all over the body
  • Safe due to the advanced energy-temperature-control technology decorum


  • Limited results on fair, white, gray and gold hair
  • Results might be gradually seen, say in 5-6 weeks of the initial usage
  • Results do not last more than a year
  • Replacement bulbs could be expensive, so be sure of your comfort
  • Study your need, check the comfort, be sure to be happy, and then go for it.