laser_hair_removal_legsIf you are tired and sick of shaving and waxing, let me tell you a few laser hair removal facts.  Laser hair removal provides permanent hair reduction that is fast, reliable and safe. In the earlier days, only people with light skin or dark hair could get desired result, however with advancement in technology, anyone can get rid of unwanted facial and body hair colors, except for people with very light or blond, white or red hair.  For more information, read our other article discussing electrolysis versus laser hair removal.  If after this article, you are still not sure, check out our other articles about laser hair removal or epilator reviews as well as the best bikini trimmer reviews.

Does laser hair removal work?

The answer to does laser hair removal work is certainly yes, but you will need to follow certain guidelines to optimize the treatment for long term success. Moreover the success of laser hair removal depends on many other factors as well, such as the darker the hair, the better the results.  For a more in-depth explanation, read this article from the Mayo clinic.

How does laser hair removal work?

A concentrated light beam is targeted at the hair roots straight away. Hair follicles have got this melanin, which you know is the reason behind the skin completion in another context, which absorbs the light and washes away the hairs.

Does laser hair removal hurt?

Laser hair removal is not only fast and effective way of removing unwanted hair with permanent results; it is also a gentle way of removing hair. Does laser hair removal hurt?  Well, laser hair removal technique is designed keeping sensitive skin in mind. Which means you can use them safely on any part of your body and even target different skin types while at the same time ensure maximum result. So to answer “Does laser hair removal hurt?” – It actually depends. I would describe it as a rubber band snapping followed by a cooling sensation, but it is quite manageable. More intimate areas hurt more. You can avoid pain to a larger extent by applying numbing lotions. Moreover since zap kills hair in a second and no area is zapped twice, even if it hurts, it’s quick.

How long does hair removal last?

Last night you waxed or shaved and this morning you see some stubble cropping up, ugh!.  Laser is never that bad, though I don’t say it’s forever either.  In reality, you can see an appreciable reduction in hair once you go for laser, say for 6 to 8 months.  Later smaller touch ups, every 6 to 12 months, would add an essence to the hairless glowing skin of yours.

Multiple hair removal session help reduce the overall amount hair while they also make some hairs lighter or finer. However, as a matter of fact, not everyone reacts the same to treatments. Not all type of hair or skin can safely receive or benefit from laser hair removal the same way. As a result it can certainly not be assured for how long does hair removal lasts?

Laser Hair Removal Results

Your skin nature and hair type have an impact on the effectiveness of laser hair treatment. It is effective on a light skin with dark hairs. But if you have blonde or grey hair then frankly it may not be as effective, because lighter hair tends to reflect more light and not absorb the laser treatment. For light hair, you may want to consult with a specialist at your salon before you decide on it.

Some precautions before using:  Stay away from anything that darkens you. Keep away from sensitive creams like Vit-C types. Stay away from swimming pools for a day or two, refresh with a book or a game at home.

Laser hair removal side effects

A physical treatment without side effects universally for all is not something that’s common. Laser has its side effects too.
For some, laser removes hair for a few months to even years, quite varied in everyone. Some say it feels like a swift pinch while others say it’s like a rubber band hit. Skin end stings could pop up if a wrong laser is used. Inconsistent cooling methods, IPL instead of laser, performed in absence of a physician/medical expert are all some of the black points in user experience. Pigmentation, scarring, irritation and burning sensation are not some effects to be ignored.

I’m not trying to be funny here but pricing is a big side effect. There are treatment centers taking money out of your wallet before a session of treatment is done, for 2-year-duration. This is why we recommend getting your own Laser Hair treatment system for home use.

Next up are two of our recommended products.

Silk’n Flash&Go All-Over Hair Removal Handheld Device

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For the sake of people like me who want to research before making a purchase decision, here are my 2 cents. Since my skin pigment is on the lighter side, I had a great result from this product, but I believe it would work pretty descent even for an average skin tone. However, the product should not work on blond hair, gray hair, red hair or light brown hair.

The product appeared a bit pricey, but when compared it with the cost I would otherwise spend on laser hair removal, it made better sense to buy the product. I would say, don’t expect quick results. It took me nearly 2 months to see a major difference. Juts to let you know, I have used the product on my lower legs, lower arms, under arms and face for a total of five times. In the first treatment I haven’t see any significant changes, so you will need little patience. From 3rd and 4th treatment you can expect to see subtle changes, at least that’s how it was for me. I am pretty pleased with this product overall, and feel I can recommend it for you.

Veet Infini’Silk Pro Light-Based IPL Hair Removal System

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Have a look at this IPL hair removal system: Veet Infini Silk Pro light-based IPL hair removal especially for home use features the FDA approval as in clinics and state of the art technology for brilliant results in 4-5 sittings. It does wonders for all hairs, arms, bikini, legs, back and chest for both men and women. It brings along with it, skin color sensor, skin contact sensor for pre-check on your skin and works on a cord connect.

Pros: The gun is quite light to handle. Sturdy enough if you drop it by mistake. Travel adapters, cord and a laser cartridge come along. It overrides the Tria devices in being not necessitating switching off the plug every 15 minutes unlike the Tria. Bigger coverage, ease to follow a pattern, speed to use, and flexibility in replacing cartridges when auto-alerted by the device are some facts to make you happy.

Cons: Dents with hairs, beyond the sight, is a little tough to be noted. A 5 second wait is necessary once you hit the trigger. Light is quite bright hence a little unease to the eye.

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