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Pros: The Emjoi AP-18 Epilator comes with 72 tweezers that get to work removing any sight of hair on your skin, without passing over it multiple times. It also comes with patent protected Emagine innovative technology which comes with dual opposed staggered heads allowing more skin surface area to be covered when epilating.
Cons: Only negative we could find was with such those 72 tweezers there also is pain. As there are such a number of tweezers you will are bound to feel pain when epilating but that shows that this epilator is powerful and does the job.

I have personally tried this Emjoi epilator, and my first impression of it is that it was too powerful. I know that this is supposed to be a good thing, but I have to be upfront in saying that you will experience some when using Emjoi AP-18 especially the first few times, and more if you have never used other epilators on your skin before. However, the pain is a sign that the epilator is doing its job by not simply breaking off the hair at surface level, but by actually getting the hair from its deep roots. By enduring the pain, you also allow the epilator to do its job by keeping you flawless for up to one whole month from the day you shaved using the epilator, it is more powerful then the older epilator from Emojoi, the Emjoi epi slim epilator

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Aside from that, the Emjoi AP-18 Epilator also introduces the patented glide technology, which basically makes it quite easy to maneuver especially over body crooks and contours that are somewhat problematic especially when you are shaving with disposable razors. You have to be extra careful since this unit does not have the attachments present with other models – attachments that can actually lessen the pain of epilating or even allow for easier mobility of the epilator across your skin surfaces.

In spite of the absence of such attachments, though, I cannot possibly say that this model wasn’t designed with such considerations in mind. Well, for one, the epilator in itself has a curved body, which means that it can easily snug into the corners of your body – something that you cannot enjoy if you use one of those disposable razors or even one of the other epilators available out there. It is also commendable how Emjoi was able to squeeze in as much as 72 tweezers heads into one compact epilator. The best thing with 72 tweezers is that you will be spared of a lot of time and a lot of effort since more heads actually transcend to having less strokes since you get as much as possible with every pass or stroke you create with the epilator, so there is little need to pass one skin area anywhere in your body multiple times just to make sure you were able to uproot all the unwanted hair in and around the mentioned body part.

Health conscious people would surely be thrilled to find out that this epilator from Emjoi is actually the first of its kind to actually introduce the Silver Ion technology. All this does is to provide antimicrobial protection to you and your skin specifically, as it has been established that there are great risks with exposing your skin with any product, and especially since epilators come in really close contact with the delicate parts of our skin. Sensitive-skinned people should at least consider getting this epilator and find out that this is truly a user-friendly and convenient epilator, with loved it as much as the Panasonic wet dry epilator, both are great for people with sensitive skins.

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Finally, let us talk about the Emagine technology. First and foremost, the science behind this innovation is an original from Emjoi, as you cannot find the exact same mechanism with the other brands of epilators available out there. The main feature of this technology would be the dual opposed staggered heads. To explain, this feature allows any user to actually cover the most amount of space as possible with every stroke you give out using the epilator – by covering a nice amount of space, users are spared from having to repeat their strokes over and over again. This is something that actually happens to other people when they use other brands, so you have to really bank on the surface area that the staggered heads could cover every time you work with the epilator, much better then using wax strips.

There is also the “lifting fingers” innovation. The epilator actually lifts up hairs that are lying flat the skin surface and the tweezers get to work gently uprooting these hairs so they are removed form their roots. The is a unique feature with the epilator, we recommend you buy this cheap epilator so you can also get to enjoy all the features I mentioned here.

Complete with an ergonomically engineered handle, the Emjoi epilator is truly one for all types of people. It is a little expensive, but not totally unfair, since you get to enjoy and really see for yourself if this epilator is for you! With that, I would just like on an end note that you should really check out a few epilators here and there, so choose wisely! Read our epilator pros and cons for why you should buy this epilator.