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Pros: Featuring 9 powerful tweezers that uproot even the trickiest of hairs the Emoji epilator removes hair from the most delicate of places effortless and painlessly. Designed to work on the upper lip, chin, bikini line and underarms this is the epilator for you.
Cons: All epilators hurt and using the Emoji epilator the pain was much more then other epilators we reviewed. We recommend you use after epilation cream to sooth the pain as there will be pain, you have been warned!

I originally thought that I wouldn’t like using this product because it’s way too long for my taste. I have kind of small hands, so I despise gadgets too big to be handled well. However, I soon realized that even though the Emjoi epi slim epilator is quite long, the body is very slim and contoured, making it easy for me to grip it tight and operate the epilator without it slipping out of my grasp. This is one of the very few epilators my small hands can handle properly, so I will surely recommend this to all my friends who have the same physical difficulties, I love this as much as my Philips HP6576 Satin Perfect Deluxe Epilator.

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Emjoi Epi Slim Epilator

Having used other Emjoi products and epilators, I can say that this one has the most advanced motor, accounting for the fact that it does a less painful epilating job compared to other epilators even of the same brand. I have a high pain tolerance, but of course I prefer less pain and that is why the Emjoi Epi Slim Epilator is my favorite epilator that has ever come from Emjoi, my personal trusted brand when it comes to my intimate gadgets or ones I use on the surface of my skin, I like it as much as my Braun Silk Epil Female Epilator Se7921spa.

There are only 9 tweezers in this epilator, which means it is not a very powerful epilator when it comes to epilating the bikini area, the thighs, and legs. Well, maybe it can work on those areas when the hair have just started growing back after you have shaved or plucked, but it wouldn’t really work as well if the volume of hair is maximum. With 9 tweezers working all at the same time, this epilator works efficiently on upper lip, chin, facial, and underarm hair. One session with the slim epilator would last you four long weeks of flawless skin.

One of the greatest debates as far as epilators are concerned is whether corded ones or cordless epilators are better than the other. Well, different people have different preferences. For me, though, I prefer cordless epilators because I travel a lot because of my job. I spend a lot of time on the road, and all gadgets that need direct power source are useless on most transportation modes. See, I can live without my phone or laptop for a few hours or even days when they have no power, but I sure cannot go on any important meeting or business transaction without epilating first! No way! That is why even though corded epilators are mostly more powerful, I prefer compact ones since there are times when I need to do my epilation on the road and it is way more easy to look for stores that sell batteries as compared to trying to find direct power sources everywhere I go. Since it is also a slim model that doesn’t have a lot of small parts, packing is a breeze! It is as small as the Remington EP6025.

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Emjoi Epi Slim Epilator full

I have never been satisfied with other hair removal methods aside from epilating. Tweezing would always take up too much time that I could have dedicated to other more important activities. Removal creams are too messy and not suitable for travel since there is a high risk of the cream spreading to the rest of my baggage (which all travellers really, really hate.) Epilation is obviously the most painful method, but I would rather experience pain if it means a flawless job and a hair removal method that could leave you satisfied for one whole month! These are some of the reasons why epilation is the method I would recommend to all my friends and all women out there.

For those who have been using disposable razors for their skin needs in the past, you have to know that razors I despise on my skin. This is because when I use these razors, I would often find out that it left nicks and cuts on the surface of my skin after I used it. This is one thing I don’t miss since I first used an epilator. The epilators from Emjoi have this contoured heads unlike the Remington EP7030 Epilator, this makes it easy for you to maneuver the epilators across your skin without having to worry about skin irritations or damages it can cause on the surface of your skin. As long as you handle this with care, there is no way that you will have cuts on the surface of your skin after your epilating session. Go get one and see what we’re all excited about!