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Pros: By far the best epilators I have used. With 48 tweezers that get to work on contact you will have a smooth finish with minutes. There are tonnes of useful features with the Panasonic Wet Dry Epilator it comes with a number of accessories and best of all it is a 3-in-1 epilator which can be used as a shaver, epilator and a bikini trimmer.
Cons: If we were to be picky the only fault is the price, it is a little in the high-end but this is a wise investment which will pay for itself over time. With such a wide range of features you will not be disappointed.

Personally, I have issues with corded materials since I am always on the run and it is not always the case that I have access to sockets and other power sources. This is why I find the Panasonic Wet Dry Epilator a convenient one, primarily because it is a cordless version and it actually lasts a long time. It can run for 40 minutes straight with just an hour of charging, and that is actually more than enough time for me to finish my quite meticulous epilating routine. There are also a lot of other things you’d be sure to love, so let me begin laying down this model’s aces.

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First and foremost, the technology introduced by Panasonic for this model is quite impressive, since the unit features 3-in-1 removal system for your epilation. The first one is its dual disc system, the second one is its epilating head that can glide from side to side, and finally we have 48 rotating tweezing discs. These are the features that make the unit a cut above the rest, since they provide any user with the most convenient and frankly less painful epilation method.

Aside from its design and mechanism, I’m quite sure that people who have delicate skin (like me) can truly appreciate the unit’s nickel-free and hypo-allergenic blades that make way for a safe and clean epilating method. See, most other epilators cannot boast of this concern for people who have delicate skin, so you must really consider getting this unit if you have sensitive skin that tear or scar easily, since there is less risk that you will encounter skin problems when you use the Panasonic Wet Dry Epilator as compared to the results you can get when using other epilators out there.

I also never go with epilators that are strictly for either dry or wet use solely, since I am truly a moody person, as my friends will tell you if you ever get the chance to meet them. There are days when I would enjoy a wet epilation procedure, complete with foam and gel, but there are also times when I resent even just the thought of going through wet epilation. While it is more advisable for you to use this one hundred percent waterproof device for wet epilation for better results, you still have the option to simply go the traditional method of dry epilation whenever you feel like it!

Another thing I found very admirable with the Panasonic Wet Dry Epilator is the fact that you also get to enjoy three attachments when you purchase the full package. This means that by getting the epilator, you also get a shaver and a bikini trimmer attachment. These are the stuff that would customize your epilation process in a way, since you get to choose which attachment to get depending on your need in terms of body area to shave, and maybe even volume of hair that needs to be gone.

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It may be a small thing, but I am again pretty sure that travellers like me would appreciate the pouch that comes with the unit, since it somehow takes your mind off the container you have to find for this very helpful epilator. In a sense, having the unit in a travel pouch makes it really portable and ideal for travelling souls! Whoever said that it is not advisable to bring an epilator to travels must never have tried purchasing a Panasonic Wet Dry Epilator and bringing it with them on its travel pouch while on the way somewhere! It is real chic and fab, in my opinion.

I know that the selling price for this unit is a lot more expensive that what you need to shell out for other units available out there, but I would still recommend the Panasonic ES-WD51-P Ladies Wet/Dry Epilator if you have the budget for it, anyway. It is one of the least painful epilators I have tried, and I have never suffered any problems on my skin whenever I use this epilator, and so suffice to say that the model performs in levels that make its expensive price actually reasonable. For best results, use the epilator with foam and gel for a relaxing and gentle epilation. No need to worry about the epilator breaking since it is designed to be fully immiscible in water, so not only is it possible to use it wet, but it actually is even encouraged! It also made it on our guide, epilating vs waxing so you have a good epilator here!