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Pros: The face requires a special epilator since not all epilators designed for the legs and on the body can work on the face, especially on the upper lip area where there is not much space to work on in the first place. Fortunately, buying this body epilator also gets you a free facial epilator that you can use in alternation with the body epilation.
Cons: These are just some of the things that make me adore the Remington EP6025. Go and get out yourself; you’d be guaranteed to find your own personal reasons for loving it and never looking back at disposable razors and other such hair removal methods.

I have used and reviewed a lot of epilators in the past, and I guarantee that there is no single epilator out there more thoughtfully designed as this one. It actually feels as if another human being, rather than a lifeless gadget, is working on you. See, there are a lot of features and add-ons to this model that makes epilating something that is not just a tedious task, but actually something you would enjoy. I know, I know, it’s hard to imagine epilation as something we’d look forward to, but hear what I have to say about this model first before you give it a verdict! Here are (some of the) things I love about the Remington EP6025.

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This, for me, is the best number of tweezers all in one epilator. Anything less than it causes inefficiency and the need to go through one region over and over again just to make sure there aren’t any unwanted hairs left behind, whereas getting an epilator with more than 42 tweezers would be very efficient, but also very painful. 42 tweezers marks the perfect balance between efficiency and low pain levels. This is recommended for everyone who can’t stand higher levels of pain. Remington has models with more tweezers: go for those if you can, but I am perfectly happy with 42 tweezers similar to the Philips HP6576 Satin Perfect Deluxe Epilator.

This is pretty common with Remington epilators, and I am just so glad that I am reiterating how much I love this feature. You know how our schedules and moods often change, and we should have our gadgets adjusting to that as well! There are times when I want to cherish my epilation (it is something I really enjoy) and just relax, so for that I use the slower speed setting. On the other hand, there are mornings when I absolutely have to be in a hurry, and those are the times when I use the faster speed setting. Either way, this epilator is very efficient.

There has been much debate as to whether corded epilators or cordless ones are better. Even though I have always rallied behind those who thought cordless was better, I couldn’t deny the fact that corded epilators have their merits, too. Well, this epilator totally settles the debate by being both: you can use it while plugged to a direct power source, while you can also opt to operate it cordless. The best implication of this is when you are in the middle of an epilation session and you suddenly run out of battery, there is no need to stop the process just to recharge! You can simply attach the cord and plug it in, and continue getting rid of unwanted hairs, we loved it so much it featured on our list of the best epilator for women.

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How gentle, you ask? Well, imagine a gadget that actually knows when you are feeling pain, and can adjust accordingly? This one almost does that. There is virtually no way you can endure your skin using this epilator since it has a mechanism that when you press it on the surface of your skin too hard, it will stop working. It has to work at a comfortable distance so as to avoid nicks and cuts on the surface of any user’s skin. This feature is very rare and amazing especially for people like me who always gets tears on the skin surface after dealing with hair removal.

It comes along a travel pouch which allows you never again to worry about where to put it and how to pack it when going on a trip. The travel pouch will keep your epilator secured and clean all throughout your trip. This might be a small plus to some, but for travellers like me, this is practically the best.