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Pros: We loved the wet and dry feature, there was no pain when used with soap and it left my legs feeling smooth after a couple of attempts. We recommend you use the epilator on a slower setting so it actually grips on to the hairs. It was a painless epilation for sure.
Cons: You must charge the epilator for 4 hours for 1 hour of use. However we noticed at times it only lasted for 20-30 mins. We recommend you charge it longer.

This is one of the epilators I tried as per a girl friend’s recommendation when my trusted epilator started to depreciate. I tried many other brands and models, but I always came back to the Remington EP7030 Epilator as one of my personal favourites. The primary reason why I loved this epilator so much is that it has always kept me flawless especially on my upper lip area for up to six weeks post-epilation! It is also one of the least painful epilators I’ve tried, making it ideal for girls like me who absolutely hate hurting myself just to look good.

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Remington EP7030 Epilator sideways

I don’t do my epilation in the shower all the time, but there are days when I absolutely have to (e.g. when I have my period), and that is why I love to have that option on hand. This epilator works perfectly both in and out of the shower, which is absolutely perfect since it also, implies that I can use it both at the comfort of my own home and even when I am travelling.

For someone like me who travels a lot, wired gadgets are true nightmares. When staying anywhere beside home, there is no assurance that there will be a direct power source, and so I always go with cordless units. What this epilator brings to the table is the possibility of recharging the epilator when you are at home so you can use it when you are already out. One hour of charging should be enough to last one full session of epilation, which is pretty amazing, in my opinion. This is way preferable than any other wired epilator out there, it’s as good as it’s sister the Remington EP6025.

Again, this is one of the more thoughtful features of this epilator. Even in a dim-lit room, I can still perform my epilation and I wouldn’t miss much hair because of this little light that highlights the area I’m working on, allowing me to see even the smallest of hairs so I can instantly work on them. This means that there is no need to work on one area over and over again since I only need one pass to get rid of every hair in one body region.

This epilator also has a pivoting head, which means that you are free to choose whichever angle is needed in relation to which part of the body you’re actually working on. Since this epilator is applicable for use both on the face and on the body, it really helps that the tilt is adjustable; it actually prevents skin from tearing up! I once tried an epilator that is designed for the legs only, and I tried using it on my upper lip area. Since the head cannot pivot, I ended up with little wounds. Ouch! We recommend the Panasonic Wet Dry Epilator for these jobs.

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Remington EP7030 EpilatorIt’s one thing to find an epilator that doesn’t hurt as much as others do, but it’s better to score one that actively eases the skin, allowing for an almost unbelievably comfortable epilating experience. This one from Remington, fortunately, is one such epilator. With a massaging cap that comes built-in, you can actually soothe the surface of your skin while getting rid of all the unwanted hairs. It is even infused with Aloe Vera so as to provide your skin with proper nourishment while you keep yourself hair free on all areas you’re working on.

Since epilators are used even for the most sensitive areas of the body, maintenance and hygiene are big deals for us. I like how this epilator has a removable head, since this allows for better clean-up after the epilation process. The package also comes with a cleaning brush so you do not have to improvise on cleaning materials which could only damage the epilator more.

There are two speed options available for this epilator. You can opt to use the slower speed setting especially if you will be trying out epilation for the first time. It can really be tricky and would take a lot of practice to master, and when that time comes, you can then go for the faster setting so as to have a quicker but just as efficient epilation process with the Remington wet and dry epilation.