Like me, you want to easily style your hair every day and make it look beautiful natural without too much work. So you try hair straighteners, flat irons or curling irons to style that out-of-control hair of yours. But inevitably, it takes way more time than a minute. Such a hassle, especially when I’m already running late! If you could easily style your hair any way you want, would you? Well, you can! Using a hot-air hair brush will save your day!




1. Ideally you want your hair to be somewhat dry before using the hot air brush. However, some brushes are meant to be used on wet or damp hair. As needed, choose high or low air flow.

2. Just like with an ordinary hair brush, let the hot-air brush glide smoothly through your hair. If you want to add volume and make it fuller, brush it starting near the scalp down to the end sections with an inward motion. To create soft waves, hold and twist the brush smoothly in an outward motion.

3. If you have long and thick hair like mine, 15-20 minutes of hot hair brushing should do the trick.

4. If you are using a rotating hot air brush for big and soft waves, be sure to use a larger size brush for best results.

5. For that smooth and silky hair, brush from the bottom sections of the hair and roll up.

6. If you want to straighten the hair, then just brush it downwards.

7. Finally, for natural looking, soft and smoother hair, use the best hair care products such as hair serums or hair sprays.

Here’s a video to show how hot air hair brushes are used:

So, guess you’ve taken down these tips to perfect your hair styling. We’d like to help you out on how to choose the best hot air hair brush that suits you. Consider one of these top 5 best sellers on

#1. NASV Hair Straightening Brush

Do you have dry, thick and coarse hair? Then it might be difficult for you to straighten it out and keep it soft. The NASV Hair Straightening Brush however, will leave all these worries behind. With its 3-in-1 function – ceramic iron straightener, detangling brush, anion hair massager – it is compatible with all types of hair. For thicker and curly hair adjusting the temp to 410-446 ℉ (210c-230c) is best. For common or normal hair condition, the temperature should be 374-410 ℉ (190-210 ℃) and for thin and soft hair should be 338-392 ℉ (170-200 ℃). This is a perfect choice for everyday use as it promotes healthier hair without damaging it.

#2. SalonChain Hair Straightening Brush for quick styling

The SalonChain Hair Straightening brush ensures you can style your hair without causing any hair damage. Its 30-second instant on heat is perhaps its best feature, especially rushing in the morning. No matter if you have frizzy type of hair, fine, thin or practically any type of hair, SalonChain’s adjustable temperature settings (130c-210c) will give you smooth, straight and silky hair in no time. (Thin, fine or bleached hair: 130c; Dyed or Dark colored hair: use 145c; Normal or Slightly curly hair: use 160c-175c);Thick, curly and wavy hair: use 190c-200c). The Quality DuPont materials keep the heat at a constant temperature without overheating. It’s portable, so you can bring this anytime and anywhere you go. It will be your best beauty buddy!

#3. Apalus Brush Hair Straightener

Some women with naturally curly, wavy and frizzy may struggle to straighten their hair. With this hair type, the Apalus Brush Hair Straightener is a reliable hair beauty partner. It gives a professional hair styling without damage. The power and temperature are conveniently displayed on the LED screen. When not in use for 60 minutes, it shuts off automatically. Before using this product, make sure your hair is clean and dry, for best results.

#4. Professional Electric Straightener Brush By Magnifeko

We’ve come across a number of great hot air hair straighteners, and we would include this one on the list as well, the Professional Electric Ceramic Straightener. It is best used for those who have frizzy, thick or coarse hair. It heats up very quickly just within just 30 seconds, reaching 300F and 450F degrees within 90 seconds! You can definitely save time and effort with its easy-to-use settings, buttons and handy design. The anti-scald bristles will also give you great results without tangles and frizz. It also features auto-shut off for safety in case you accidentally leave it on.

#5. Helen of Troy 1579 Tangle Free Hot Air Brush

If you have a short hair and are tired of the usual straight style but want to flaunt volumized soft waves and curls, Helen of Troy Hot Air Brush is what you need. The rotating barrel of this brush is a convenient feature that allows you to style your hair effortlessly. You can manually control the rotation effect, jush and hold the button to keep the brush rotating as needed. The soft grip handle allows you to hold the brush securely and style your hair comfortably. This is also one of our favorites.