I have this male friend who is just so jealous at me, but for all the wrong reasons. See, he cannot grow a moustache and a beard no matter how he tried, but I can. The thing is I am a woman! And all the hairs that grow on my face, except for my eyebrows and eyelashes, are totally unwanted! You know what this means, I frequently have to shave my upper lip and jawline if I don’t want to be mistaken for a man every time I go out (yes, the situation is really that bad)

If you are experiencing unwanted facial hair as a woman, then you should go on reading since in this post, I shall list down the facial hair removal creams I have tried so that you can choose among them which one you think would work for you. Just make sure you choose wisely, since the face is really one of the most delicate parts to shave especially for us girls. We can never go wrong with our face since we know how much we really invest on it! So, take the time to read the following descriptions and find the Best Facial Hair Removal Cream for you!

Top 4 Best Facial Hair Removal Creams

Olay Facial Hair Removal Duo

This package contains two formulas that are responsible for a two-step system that gets rid of both fine and medium facial hair, as long as it is unwanted! The possibility of skin irritation is actually very minimal since the formulas in this package are carefully crafted for the delicate skin on the face, so you never have to worry even if you have delicate skin like I do! I also enjoy using this product since its texture and fragrance is very attractive in my opinion.

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It is also advertised to work in just 8 minutes, and it actually is true! It works well with all the razors I tried it with, and I ended up with flawless upper lip and jawlines after shaving all because of this amazing facial hair removal cream from Olay. You would also be delighted to find out that these seemingly petite formulas can actually provide you with flawless upper lips for three full months since they are good for twelve sessions of shaving your upper lips. Try it out for yourself and see if it would work just as well for you!

Veet Gel Hair Remover Cream

This one I personally like because of its high regard for skin and instead of having a lot of chemicals that may hurt or irritate delicate skin, it actually has the mechanism to restore your skin to its natural state of glow and moist. Aloe vera and vitamin E are some of the components of this formula that you would be thankful for, since these substances actually regains the glowing state of your skin which is its natural form, and you would surely have healthy skin after having enough of this on your system.

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It actually works as well as moisturizers in terms of restoring your skin’s hydration levels. This is absolutely better than shaving since there is no probability of tearing up the skin when you simply use this formula. In less than five minutes, you can have flawless upper lips and even jawlines when you use this one, without all the rubbles and skin irregularities that are very common to those who choose to use shaving razors on this face. Check this one out and find out that Veet actually is very considerate to its patrons even in the smallest of things and so makes out list of the Best Facial Hair Removal Creams.

Surgi cream Hair Remover

From the name of the product itself, you can imply that this formula is really crafted for those with sensitive skin. And even if you don’t have the most delicate skin, it would still pay to go with those products that have considerations for these things so that you never have to worry about skin irregularities that you may experience with other products that have a lot of harmful chemicals in them since you don’t want to be left with damaged skin when after all, you only wanted to have flawless skin, right?

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Another thing I absolutely love about this product is how affordable it is. For the quality work it does, I actually believe that it should be worth more than how much it is being offered in the commercial market. For people with delicate skin like me, this really is a gift. Cucumber and aloe vera are only a few of the components of this amazing product, and you know how these substances work for the skin! You can have radiant skin that glows and moisturizes after you have gotten rid of all the unwanted hair anywhere on your face.

Sally Hansen Hair Removal

My favourite thing about this formula that I have loved from the first time I tried it would be its smell. It has a vanilla-flavoured smell, which is absolutely addicting in my opinion. It has a very strong and enticing smell. See, I first encountered this when I smelled it on a friend I kissed on the cheek. That’s how strong its fragrance was, and after that I bought a pack for my own, and I never looked back. This is my personal favourite from this list, but let me just reiterate that this doesn’t mean it would work just as well for you. Just try it out and see for yourself! It has to be one of the Best Facial Hair Removal Creams.

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It is also really affordable, which is a nice thing especially for independent women like me who has limited funds, to be quite frank. I wholeheartedly recommend using creams like this one over harmful razors that may irritate, or worse, injure the skin. Remember, this is the face we are talking about. Facial scars take a very long time to fade away, and we simply can’t risk it! We all want to be flawless, so why risk it with some sharp blade, eh? Read our guide on the best facial epilator’s if you need more tips and help.