Winter Dry Skin Remedies

While I find winter an excellent excuse to stay bundled up and snacking at home, there is one element to the season that I really hate: it leaves our skins damaged. The temperatures, paired with the number of things we love doing when it is extra cold, usually leave our skin dry, flaky, and even inflamed. And so I thought to seek professional help on how to stay moisturized and hydrated during this challenging season, we share to you Winter Dry Skin Remedies. If you are also experiencing skin problems due to the winter season, then you sure would benefit from these tips and recommendations:

Use the best bath soap

Dove Winter Care Beauty Bars

Winter dry skin remedies

The winter weather can be so cruel and nasty, so you have to really one-up the soap you use every day, since our normal beauty soaps just would not cut it. If possible, do find a bath soap that specializes in winter skin – those that have strong moisturizers that could level up your skin’s hydration levels.

Winter nights are the worst, as they make my skin itchy. Luckily, I discovered Dove Winter Care Beauty Bar. Not only did it eliminate the long nights when I had to endure itchy skin for hours to end, but it also made me wake up with a better skin feel. Dove has infused these winter bars with moisturizing cream, which allows for better hydration levels to fight winter dry skin. It is proven this bar of soap helps to prevent ingrown hairs as well!

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The first tip for Winter dry skin remedies is moisturize. I cannot for the life of me stress this enough. Scientists has long since busted the myth that when a person drinks 8-12 glasses of water a day, he/she no longer needs to worry about having dry skin. You have to worry about your skin’s moisture and hydration, since the drinking water you intake simply would not cut it especially when it’s winter!

I really, really love the Eco Tan – Winter Skin for the winter season because not only does it efficiently moisturize skin of all shades and complexions, but it also gave me the most natural-looking tan I’ve ever had! I had my friends wondering how I got such a great tan in the middle of winter. This is recommended because it leaves the skin hydrated with all-organic and all-natural ingredients.

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If Eco Tan is what I use for my body, Benev is what I trust for my facial winter care. I recommend that you use this underneath your protective day and night creams, because it actually plumps up the facial skin and keeps it moisturized and protected from the damaging bite of winter weather. You would surely love how it retains your face’s natural moisture since it is mostly based on oil instead of on water. You would find this effective even if you have to go outside on a nasty winter day.

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Kate Ryan Skincare Vitamin C Night Repair Serum

Kate Ryan has provided us with just an amazing night serum that actively keeps our skin young and is very much recommended for night time application on Winter dry skin remedies because it is oil-based (ideal for use in moisturizing skin during cold weather) instead of water-based.

The serum is mostly composed of Vitamin C and Vitamin E – both good on the skin cells, and more importantly, the oil base consists of Rosehip Seed Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Olive Fruit Extract, and Squalane. Actually, I use the Kate Ryan serum all-year round because when it is not protecting your skin from winter damage, it also functions as an amazing antioxidant and anti-ageing cream.

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Invest in a humidifier

Simply turning up the heat on your central heating systems at home after you come home from a winter day or night out would definitely leave your skin drier than ever. What you need is a humidifier, since these get more moisture in the air compared to any other heating system. A number of small humidifiers placed out at your home would definitely help disperse moisture evenly.

This Crane Humidifier is what I have at home, and I am most satisfied with the fact that a gallon of water could run up to 24 hours straight, and it can also produce 2.3 gallons of moisture to mix with the winter air every day. It even has a 360 degree mist nozzle! This by far is the best Winter dry skin remedies to invest in from all.

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